Lovi Poe Stars in ‘Spooky Nights Presents: Sanggol’ on GMA-7

“Spooky Nights” continues its month-long hardcore horror presentations this Saturday with “Spooky Nights Presents: Sanggol” featuring one of the most sought-after actresses today, Lovi Poe.

“Spooky Nights Presents: Sanggol” is a horror-thriller about a vengeful tiyanak terrorizing a community where a pregnant woman named Maria (Lovi) lives. Upon conceiving her child with Hector (TJ Trinidad), Maria knows that her mother, Aling Cecil (Tanya Gomez), will disapprove of her circumstance – pregnant out of wedlock.

True enough, Aling Cecil wants Maria to abort the child but the latter disagrees. As Maria decides to keep the baby, Aling Cecil locks her up and stops her from working and talking to anyone except her childhood friend, Nimfa (Andrea Torres).

During Maria’s pregnancy, she is constantly haunted by cries of a baby and by a bloody child who keeps on appearing to her.

Later, the town experiences a series of scary events that leads them into concluding that a tiyanak creeps around them to take vengeance. It first attacked the abortionist, Madam Ora (Lui Manansala), and then victimized many others.

After some time, it is revealed that Aling Cecil has something to do with the haunting tiyanak. What could this connection be? Can Maria, her child, Hector and Aling Cecil get away from the horrifying creature?

Also starring Victor Aliwalas as James, Jackie Woo as Kintaro and Luz Fernandez as Soledad, “Spooky Nights Presents: Sanggol” is created by Director Uro Q. Dela Cruz and Headwriter Senedy Que.

Do not miss Lovi Poe’s stint in “Spooky Nights” this Saturday after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7.

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