Mary’s Story Debuts on TERRORVILLE – Philippines’ First Interactive Web Drama

Terrorville is an interactive thriller inspired by the “Choose your own adventure” style.

Role-plays as a chosen character and race against time to escape the horrors within Terrorville. Unlike traditional horror films, YOU have to make the right decisions as the lives of those around you are at stake.

As you progress deeper into the Terrorville mansion, uncover the killer’s reports, victim diaries, audio tapes and hidden clues that will piece up the horror behind the series.

Terrorville premiered on YouTube last October 13, with Tom’s story. Users play as Tom, the detective, and make decisions as him at and The series has been a hit with Filipinos, garnering more than 12,000 channel views in just 1 week.

TODAY, October 20, is the launch of Mary’s story. Take on a supernatural perspective into the Terrorville mansion by playing as her.

Mary’s profile:

Mary Conelly Yuko
AGE: 28

After a car accident that claimed the life of her parents, Mary became an orphan at the age of 18. Her records at St. Peter’s orphanage indicate that she was adopted by a distant uncle in 1998.

For 5 years, she stayed with her mysterious stepfather at the reclusive Peaceville Mansion until she ran away in 2003. Her reason for leaving remains a mystery today. Word has been going around that she believed she was adopted as an experiment subject and had witnessed cult rituals as well as other unspeakable acts.

Mary never once spoke of the events or rumoured secret experiments that happened in the mansion. She disappeared for several years, working on photo journalist assignments across the globe only to return after learning of her step-sister, Nancy Yuko’s suicide.

Check out the trailer for Mary’s Story in Terrorville here:

So, are you brave enough to enter Terrorville? Experience the thrill of making your own decisions while unlocking the mysteries in this interactive web drama.

You can play as Tom, the detective, to scrutinize the murder scenes and piece together vital clues. Or seek the
thrill of dealing with supernatural entities as Mary. Both characters yield different “unlockables” which help unravel the truth behind the unprecedented murders.
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