New Book: ‘Get Healthy for Heaven’s Sake’

Learn the 7 Steps to living strong, loving God, and serving others.

Overweight, slouched, deconditioned, and very tired. This describes millions of men and women who are frustrated in their desire to serve others because their bodies and minds simply aren’t up to the task.

Health author Lisa Morrone gives readers an overall life plan for restoring their energy and ability and staying strong in their usefulness throughout their life span. Not a short-term repair job—-not a rigid, inflexible plan-—this resource lays out balanced, practical advice in seven areas:

  • weight loss
  • nutrition
  • posture
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • brain health
  • rest

This multifaceted book points readers to effective lifestyle changes that will add life to their years by restoring their vitality and sense of meaning. Such renewal will last because it’s initiated and maintained by a greater purpose—that of serving their friends and family, and serving God.

Get Healthy…for Heaven’s Sake (ISBN-13: 978-971-0453-08-5) is now available in all branches of National Bookstore and Powerbooks nationwide.

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