Kim Chiu, Thankful for the Praises on Her Guy Role in ‘My Binondo Girl’

Primetime Princess Kim Chiu is grateful to fans for making her Primetime Bida teleserye “My Binondo Girl” a consistent top-rating program.

“Thank you all for your undying support to me and to “My Binondo Girl.” I’m really happy with all the good feedback for my portrayal as Yuan,” Kim said.

She further shared, “I was worried that people might not like my acting as Yuan. I’m afraid to look too ‘trying hard.’ Now, I’m so thankful because apparently they liked it with the commendations I’ve been receiving since I started playing the role.”

After her ‘dream house, what motivates Kim further to excel in her craft is her dream of putting up a good business. “I still need to work hard to build the business I’m planning to put up.”

Meanwhile, after Jade and Yuan’s (Kim) secret is revealed, will Papa Chen (Richard Yap) learn to forgive his eldest daughter or will he cut all ties with her? How will Jade earn back his father’s trust and affection?

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