Albie Casiño – Not Yet Forgiven By Andi?

Albie Casiño was named by Andi Eigenmann as the father of her baby via her posterous blog (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE).

Albie was also the first person Andi revealed her pregnancy to but the young actor refused to be part of the situation.

Albie Casiño

When Boy Abunda asked Andi on “The Buzz” last Sunday (October 9) if she had forgiven some people, Andi answered, “Sadly, hindi.”

Andi clarified that she’s not holding grudge to anyone.

“The only reason is because walang nanghihingi ng tawad sa akin, sadly. But it’s okay. Hindi ko naman sila kailangan,” she explained.

“It was the two of us that tried to go through it at the beginning. Sadly, it ended up na ako na lang mag-isa,” she added in between tears.

Last week, Andi Eigenmann courageously faced Boy Abunda in the “Ikaw Na” segment of Bandila where she revealed details about her pregnancy and how she has moved on with her life despite that fact that she’s about to become a single mom.

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Boy: How are you doing?

Andi: Masaya naman po ako. Im actually, if there is one word that would describe how I am feeling right now, [it] is actually just bored. You know, Im excited, excited na ako, sana dumating na yung November para makita ko na ang baby ko. Bored, in a positive way, its just that Im so looking forward to the future.

Boy: Did you have a hard time with your pregnancy?

Andi: Actually, hindi naman po. Surprisingly, para sa sarili ko parang nagulat nga ako pero siyempre masayang-masaya parin. Ive gone through several 4-D scans and ultrasounds, so alam ko na po na my baby is very healthy. Boy: May pinaglilihian ka ba? Andi: Sadly, para sa katawan ko, ice cream and chocolates. Im not really into all those kinds of food, e. Kaya alam ko talaga na pinaglilihian ko yun kasi kakaiba yun for me.

Boy: Itong pagbubuntis mo, how did it change your life?

Andi: Actually, para sa akin po, ang daming beses na, especially when I started showbiz, its really a tough industry to be a part of for me. Medyo ang dami ko pong beses na nakita yung sarili ko na on the verge of failing. And its the first time that I really told myself and I assured myself na hindi ako made to just fail. Im designed to be successful at something and alam ko na I just have to believe in myself, just go for it, as long as I know that Im not hurting anybody and I just do what I know that I love. Hinding hindi ako mag-gi-give up, kasi alam ko si God, hindi nya ako pinu-punish for anything.

Boy: Were there times that you thought, why is this happening to you?

Andi: Yes, kasi syempre at the beginning being that I am young and I didnt really expect this to happen, at this point in my life pinagdaanan ko rin po yun. But then iniisip ko na walang tine-take away si God sa akin. Lahat ng mga stuff na dating alam ko I deserve and I wanted to achieve, I know that I can still achieve them because this is not a punishment, this is a present. I am very much honored; its a blessing from God.

Boy: Your baby will see this interview 10 or 20 years from now, what do you want to tell your baby?

Andi: No matter what happens, just like my mom is to me, no matter what happens, I will always, always try and be the best I can be to you. Theres nothing to worry about even if its just gonna be the two of us because theres a lot of people there who will love you as much as I will.

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