Jennifer Lopez – ‘Papi’ Music Video

Jennifer Lopez has released the music video for her new single "Papi." Check it out!

“Papi” is Jennifer Lopez‘ third single taken from her seventh studio album, Love? (2011).

Here is the description of the music video from Island Records:

The music video begins with the words “Love Happens”. The video continues which sees Lopez chatting with her apartment mail attendant Lisa. They are talking about Lopez’s love interest. She is disappointed because her lover hasn’t returned from the army yet. Lisa than gives her mail and offers her a cookie which claims that her love will come back. Lisa notes to her that she has to take a small bite, however Lopez grabs a big one. The next day the captivating spell of the cookie starts and Lopez casts every man on she passes by. Walking through the streets of the city she casts the spell to a lot of males including a corporate businessman, a gardener and a high-flying motorcyclist. When she gets in her car all the men are running to her, making it hard so she can’t escape from them. When they finally catch her, she says “STOP” and starts making a choreography and dancing on the song together with all love interests. At the end her love interest dressed in an uniform comes and “saves” her. The video ends with Lopez saying “The craziest thing happened,” trying to explain to him what happened.

Watch the music video here:

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