Sweet Taste of Love in GMA-7’s ‘Gourmet’ this Week

This week, viewers get a taste of love in GMA-7’s afternoon Koreanovela, Gourmet.

At last, Patrick (Kim Rae Won) makes a huge progress in his love life as he declares his feelings to his long-time friend, Jenna (Nam Sang Mi).

Upon returning to Woo Nam Jung Restaurant, Patrick discovers that the family business faces a big problem. The taste of the kimchi, which the restaurant serves, has greatly changed and this upsets his foster father, Chef Oh (Choi Bul Am).

The old man becomes ill because of the restaurant’s problematic situation and thinks it best to close the famous traditional Korean restaurant in the meantime. Patrick tries to help discover the root of the problem but will Robert (Kwon Oh Jung), his adoptive brother who detests him, allow him to?

Despite his problem in the restaurant, Patrick takes time to visit Jenna in the publishing company where she works. The latter still ignores him but could she keep on her aloofness once he confesses his feelings of affection for her?

Taste the sweetness of love in Patrick and Jenna’s story this week. On the side, follow how Patrick strives to protect the name of the restaurant built by his ancestors.

Catch Gourmet Monday to Friday, after Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit on GMA-7’s Dramarama sa Hapon.

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