Lovi Poe is Dingdong’s Leading Lady in ‘Aswang Chronicles’

Lovi Poe has been starring in several movies this year as in “sunod sunod” that she has two upcoming films that have similar theme – “Aswang.”

Lovi Poe

The first one is the remake of the classic Regal horror movie “Aswang” with the same name. Lovi Poe takes the title role and her co-stars are Paulo Avelino, Jillian Ward, Mark Abaya, Albie Casino, Nina Jose, Joem Bascon, Bembol Rocco and Lara Quigaman

Her second horror movie is called “Aswang Chronicles” under Regal’s spin-off studio Reality Entertainment with Dondon Monterverde as producer. She is the leading lady of Dingdong Dantes in this Erik Matti-helmed movie.

While “Aswang” is pure horror, “Aswang Chronicles” is light horror with a hint of comedy.

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