Anne Curtis Releases Debut Album ‘AnneBisyosa’

Anne Curtis has released her debut album. Seriously.

We’re not talking about a photo album. This is a studio album called “AnneBisyosa” featuring the singer who will give all singers a run for their money.

Anne Curtis has always fantasized about recording her own album. Now that has become a reality as Viva Artists Agency, Anne’s management, and Viva Records is finally releasing Anne Curtis’ debut album. “AnneBisyosa” will be a realization of one of Anne’s long-time aspirations.

Fans of the actress/model will be pleasantly surprised with what Anne has prepared for them. And the casual listener will be as well as “AnneBisyosa” is quite the pop record that reflects Anne’s fresh and bubbly nature.

She starts off with an upbeat original called “Tinamaan Ako,” and if there was an OPM pop song for Anne out there – this would be it! Fresh, carefree and not to mention melodious, just like the singer.

Keeping up with the up-tempo start is her cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and a reworking of Cathy Dennis’ mid 90s hit “Too Many Walls,” remixed and arranged here by Anne’s “Showtime” cohort DJ M.O.D. Quite the fan of pop music herself, Anne also chooses to remake New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” and her edgy pop take on Merril Bainbridge’s “Mouth” to give her listeners a bit more listening flavor.

Switching onto ballads – Anne is all business with her take on a song-belter’s classic with “Alone.” Trust us when we say that when you hear this one you will be converted. And finally, lending star power to Curtis’ own overflowing celebrity is the one and only Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo on an entertaining duet on “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

Here is the track listing of “AnneBisyosa”:

1. Tinamaan Ako
2. Alone
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)
4. Mouth
5. Bizarre Love Triangle
6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
7. Too Many Walls

Bonus Track:

8. GSM Blue Jingle

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