Miss Universe 2011 – The Dark Horses

The Miss Universe pageant is no different with other beauty contests when it comes to surprising outcome.

This is when the heavily favored contestant loses to the dark horse. Actually, every pageants have them.

Remember in 1999 when Miss Botswana Mpule Kwelagobe bested the crowd favorites that year like Miss Philippines Miriam Quiambao who ended up as first runner up and Miss Spain Diana Gonzales who ended up as second runner up?

And the last time that Miss Universe was held in the Philippines, (1994) the heavily-favored contestants were delegates from Venezuela and Colombia but the crown went to Sushmita Sen of India.

And did you really expect that Japan will win Miss Universe in 2007?

They are the dark horses. And this year is no exception.

We kinda have an idea that the “favorites” to win Miss Universe this year are delegates from China, France, Malaysia and the Philippines. Latin beauties are somewhat weak this year.

But there are ladies who are under the radar that could potentially deliver a major upset.

I think they are:

Miss Costa Rica

Johanna Solano is representing a South American country which is always under the shadow of powerhouses like Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Brazil. Did the judges notice that she might be the strongest latina this year?

Miss USA

After pageant pundits noticed that Alyssa Campanella is one of the most (or perhaps the only) anorexic-looking contestant during the swimsuit preliminary, they instantly removed her name in their Top 15 list. But we also have to consider that the Miss Universe pageant is being run by a United States company that’s why some winners from this country in the past were unexpected.

Miss Brazil

Priscila Machado‘s performance in the preliminaries was lackluster not to mention that she got booed by her fellow Brazilians in her home turf (there’s a story behind this). Clearly, this could be another year when the host country will not make it to the semis but we cannot fully underestimate her. Being the host delegate, she gets more attention and what happened to Denisse Quiñones in 2001 when Puerto Rico won in Puerto Rico could very much happen to her, too.

Pretty much all the non-favorites (around 50 of them) can be considered dark horses. Will a dark horse make an upset this year? Do you think we have a surprising outcome today?

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