Giant Crocodile Eats Humans Because of Damaged Habitat

The giant crocodile that was captured alive in Agusan del Sur on Sunday is believed to have eaten a carabao and a fisherman.

An expert told GMA’s “24 Oras” that the destruction of their natural habitats force these reptiles to attack human beings.

And the scary thing is that, the giant male saltwater crocodile that is now in captivity could possible have an even larger mate, a female giant crocodile out in the wild!

Earlier this year, several crocodile attacks were reported not just in Agusan del Sur where the giant crocodile was caught but also in Palawan. The main reason for such attacks is that people have built settlements along damaging the reptiles’ natural habitat.

In an interview by 24 Oras, Davao Crocodile Farm Senior Naturalist Ver Pedo said these crocodiles have no choice but to eat humans who invaded their territories.

“‘Pag naubusan po ng pagkain sa wild, sa kanilang natural habitat mismo, wala po silang choice kundi ang available po na pagkain – ‘yung mga nakatirang mga tao po doon,” he said.

The 6.4 meter giant crocodile which was caught in Barangay Nueva Era in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, was being suspected of having attacked several people but local officials believe that he’s not alone. Villagers and crocodile farm hunters are on their hunt for a possibly larger one.

“There is a bigger one, and it could be the one creating problems,” wildlife official Ronnie Sumiller told The Associated Press

“The villagers were saying 10 percent of their fear was gone because of the first capture,” Sumiller said. “But there is still the other 90 percent to take care of.”

The effort to capture the giant crocodile has intensified after several residents have reportedly gone missing for months now. There were also reports from some residents witnessing the crocodile preying on their water buffaloes (carabaos).

It took about 100 men to pull the huge saltwater crocodile from the creek and according to the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, it was the largest crocodile caught in the Philippines to date. It also trumps in size the largest captive crocodile in Guinness World Records, which measures 18 feet.

Giant crocodile caught alive in the Philippines
Video courtesy of “popis191”

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  1. sa tingin ko hindi animal cruelty to, dapat nga patayin na lang to. . mas cruel kpg binuhay pa. . Dahil pag hndi mo to napatay bka ikaw pa,kapamilya mo o ibang tao pa napatay ne2 tsaka ilang tonetoneladang karne pa ang kukunsomuhin ne2 pag binuhay pa sayang kung ibigay na lang sa mga mahhirap? Pero pag pinatay dapat i display ang katawan ne2 sa museo largest captive crocodile ika nga. .(same sa mga buwayang naka barong)j0wk! jejeje peace. . .

  2. KAPUSO/KAPATID NA TAYO // September 7, 2011 at 5:41 pm //

    ay naku..marami yan sa kongreso

  3. Mader Teresa // September 7, 2011 at 12:44 pm //

    Ang laki. Meron bang protected wildlife area sa Philippines where wild animals can live freely? Dapat meron para doon ilagay itong mga captive animals na ito at hayaang mamuhay ng malaya. Kahit lesser creations ang mga hayop na ito, dapat tayong mga intellectual beings ang marunong mag alaga sa mga ito kasi binigay ito ng Diyos sa atin to have dominion over, at tayo ang responsible sa mga hayop na ito.

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