Andi Eigenmann Finally Names Albie Casiño as Father of Her Baby

Andi Eigenmann finally names the father of her unborn child - it's Albie Casiño!

This is two months after Andi admitted that she’s pregnant and the guessing game started on who is the father of her baby.

On her posterous blog “The Good That Won’t Come Out Chapter: Deux”, the young expectant mom wrote as part of her “#welliwasneverreallytheconventionaltype” post on Sunday, September 4:

I remember, just months ago, I was so into setting up a tea party even by myself, while waiting for the ceremonial “I do’s” of Prince William and Kate. I was dreaming with my eyes open as I envisioned myself having my wedding similar, with only less of a budget difference, as compared to theirs. Now, I have to stay home and deal with feeling like a planet, while I wait for the ultimate due date. I thought, maybe thinking about how my life should be right now, like the freedom and lightness of dreaming of the next wedding of the century, would readily bring me to tears again. Tears of regret in terms of being fully aware of the greatness and success that should have been. But no. No, because God really does love me.

As soon as I have learned to embrace the fact that instead of having a child at the age of 29, it was blessed upon me as early as now, all those points that would usually bring me to endless tears, have remained to be dreams, STILL highly possible from coming true. This just goes to show that, yes, amidst the lack of maternal instincts and no ounce of being nurturing or maternal whatsoever, I am now undoubtedly ready to raise a child on my own. Of course this comes with being lucky enough to have the best set of supportive family members. Sadly, in life, not everything has to go our way. God didn’t create us to be immature spoiled brats who have to get everything as planned. Nothing’s perfect, but I can assure you one thing: God is awesome and He knows whats best for us, without a doubt. Though not everything may go our way, things will always end up to be just what would keep us happy and contented. The key I guess, is to not expect things way too much. This will only lead to our hearts being bruised and then scarred. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak and pain, and I must admit, they didn’t go so well at all. But it’s not like Im the daughter of Satan walking the streets of Earth to help let evil overpower this world. I go about each and everyday making sure, I do things that I want, and believe is right, specially without hurting anyone. I never intend to come off as a bad person, in any way whatsoever. And so this state I’m in is something I shouldn’t and wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Maybe instead of feeling bad that Albie left me to take on this responsibility by myself, I should thank him for giving me the opportunity go out and find genuine happiness once again. I’d obviously love for him to be around eventually. You know, to save myself the struggle to find a good way to explain his absence to his child. At the same time, I’d understand. Cus after all, I have no idea who or what kind of a person all the fame and fortune has turned him into now. All I hope is that he’s well.

So what about walking down the isle in my awesome white gown? With make up i would try to do myself, just like royals, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have done? What about my goal of having the next wedding of the century with lovely guests wearing the trendiest hats? What about grabbing even half as much acting awards as my mom and dad? What about that goal to set out and make a difference? What about that entire journey to genuine happiness through success? What about them all? The answer to that isn’t even that there are better things planned out for me. Its– I just need to wait patiently for the perfect time. Everything will soon fall into place.

Notice that on the third paragraph, she gave away the identity of her baby’s father by posting the name “Albie.” However, yesterday, September 5, she edited the blog entry and replaced “Albie” with the words “baby daddy.”

Andi explains on her latest blog entry (“#Warning”) the reason why she particularly deleted Albie’s name on her previous post and that is to avoid “violent reactions” from fans.

So again, “fans”, this blog wasn’t created for you to make a big deal out of. This blog should not at all interest those who know who I am due to the fact that they watch me on tv and nothing more. This blog aims to inspire those who want to be inspired. This blog does not need nor care about the idiosyncratic haters. This blog warmly welcomes people who are educated enough to not idolize someone only for its good good looks.

26 Comments on Andi Eigenmann Finally Names Albie Casiño as Father of Her Baby

  1. FoxyLady // May 14, 2012 at 12:59 am //


    maglason ka na Albie, sana nag isip ang pamilya mo lalo na ang lukaret mong nanay na kahit balik-baliktarin mo sitwasyon si Andi ang kakampihan ng publiko. Shame on you Albie! walang makikisimpatya sa isang lalaking takot sa responsibilidad wala kang bayag! Kahit pa siguro hindi ka naging sigurado na sayo yung dinadala ni Andi dapat naging lalaki ka na samahan si Andi kahit man lang pinakita mo sa publiko na tunay kang lalaki dahil kahit hindi ka sure nagtake resposibility ka sa nangyari kay Andi.

    Dabawenyos loves you Andi mabuhay ka!

  2. Jessa_malabago // May 10, 2012 at 6:53 pm //

    grabeee.. i like andy na 🙂

  3. Lmdkingswood // May 10, 2012 at 2:51 pm //

    maybe she wasnt sure who ‘s the daddy????? just thinking..

  4. Daisybelencio // May 10, 2012 at 10:18 am //

    be happy andi kya muh yan ,jan lan god alwys knows the best for you ;my karma nman kng cnu man tao yan snaktan kah .:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  5. oh me nangyari sa inyo ni albie.

  6. The decisions people make define their character. Keeping the baby is the best decision you can make out of the situation. The baby’s dad whoever he is, on the other hand, made the worst decision of his life. While it is no joke to raise a baby without a dad, it would be much better than raising your kid with a boy who was and might never be man enough to be responsible for his own actions. With such supportive and loving parents, it is not the end of the world for you. I wish you the best. Next time, when you are more mature, I hope you won’t fall into the same trap your baby’s irresponsible dad designed for you. You should know better next time. Please always pray.

  7. i agree with ALRY..@Aresha Graciosa Suelo..pls be careful in using names especially kung hindi totoo o wala kang proof to back up your claims and the hell did you know na nagpaabort xa?..tsk2..

  8. God is in control of your life. Things happen for a reason Andi. Remember that all things work together for good.

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

  9. oh well, nilihim pa when it was all too obvious anyway . good choice, though . to give the baby a chance to live, i mean

  10. The issue grew out of what is supposed to be a private but a serious family problem. Siguro kung hindi nagaway c andi at albie just before the pregnancy issue, the chance would be greater for a better resolution. Kasi love naman ni andi c albie – love na love nya talaga. And I guess albie will hold to stand up as a proud father if not because of the rumors that came out of facts. Then it came out to press and the pressure goes up. Mahirap nang kumilos kasi the nation is watching towards the action.

  11. matapang si andi , hindi sya natakot na mabuntis at ngaun mag kakababy na sya at hindi nahiya na buntis sya … pero sana huag gayahin ng mga kabataan kasi malaking responsibilidad ang maging isang ina , kaya habang bata pa kayo dapat alam nyo ang ginagawa nyo …. magkaroon ng kaalaman sa buhay …..

  12. sa wakas! may nagustuhan din ako sa ginawa ni Andy(ngayon lang kita na-appreciate). i super like her blog ^_^

  13. i admire u andi…u still continue to begot the child despite the glory u are having…people are really hard on us women… we who takes all the blame…u are a strong willed woman and god seeking… we love you for that… i always pity u seeing you in “minsan ” having a hard time breathing due to your condition…but despite, despite… all these pomp and glory of showbiz, the devlish environment, you still managed to continue the child…congratulations!…great will be your reward!!1 we love u…

  14. that moved me, brought me to tears.. im happy that you have grown up..God Bless you andi>

  15. there are no mistakes in life…Its on how you view the circumstances that come your way..

    By the end of the day,we struggle and fight to survive `cause life can be too cruel to people who are too venerable..

    Life goes on..

  16. there are no mistakes in on how you view the circumstances that come your way.

    By the end of the day,we struggle and fight to survive `cause life can be so cruel to people who are too vulnerable..

    Life goes on…

  17. trixieanne // September 6, 2011 at 9:00 pm //

    hmmmm…hayaan mu na si albie ,andi,,,,,kung pra tlga kayu sa isa’t isa ,magbabalikan kayo sa panahon kung tama na ang mali at pwede na ang hindi,,,chuzzz,,,hahahahaha,,,,don’t lose hope girl…we love you so much,,,,good luck sa panganganak..mwakzzz

  18. KAPUSO/KAPATID NA TAYO // September 6, 2011 at 8:44 pm //

    bangon lang sana keep it na lang with yourself para naman di nadadamay ang ibang tao…sino nga ba talaga ang nakabuntis sau? totoo ba na anak ng isang executive jan sa network na yan ang nakabuntis sa yo? just asking

  19. go go go andi ..never give up !! im sure pagkatapos ng lahat ng ito ,maraming blessings ang darating sa iyo ..malay moh ,baka balikan ka ni albie .pero only god knows kung ano ang nasa utak niya praying for you ..

  20. jus offense bienvenido, pls wag nlng mag english kung mali2 nman..tagalog will do..ok??..tnx


  22. Good luck Andi and to your baby he/she will proud of you..Have a blessed day…

  23. dieza macusi // September 6, 2011 at 2:01 pm //

    God intentionally take Albie from your life so you could focus more, loving and taking care of your baby…..having a baby is a blessing, having a child with the father by your side is a bonus. But, with His love to you, he will not forsaken you for so long, H e also wanted Albie to realize his responsibility… soon both of you will be a responsible parents and accept things the way they are…just like jen and patrick!Goodlick Andi, remember it’s not a disgrace on your part…being honest and welcoming the blessing on your womb will reward you more in the future..CIAO!!!

  24. Aresha Graciosa Suelo // September 6, 2011 at 1:58 pm //

    Buti naman hindi pinalaglag ni Andi ang anak nya for the sake of her blooming career… Hindi tulad ni angel locsin na ngpa-abort pa sa Hongkong… kawawang bata… Actually, 3 times na sya ngpa-abort in 3 different men- chito miranda, bentong at luis manzano….

  25. I like what is in your mind now….be mature, baby…go and achieve the dreams that you dream and make your baby as your jewel, your inspiration, and the reason for living…GOOD LUCK!

  26. bienvenido academia // September 6, 2011 at 11:26 am //

    you’re very articulately expressive and at times soberly poetic.. andi, i didn’t know you’re intellectually so far apart from some of those icons who may be dumber but luckier in love. the happy endings in your dreams are all within your reach… but as you said… you’d have to be patient, and at the same time tenacious to earn a heartwarming refrain to the song of your’re life you’re tactfully composing. wish you the best…and who knows, your prodigal prince might finally come to terms with the true dictates of his heart…. that he love’s you still…that he”ll offer you, in the end, the happiest of endings you’ve ever cherished and imagined. Good luck Andi.

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