Anne Hathaway is Getting Rave Reviews for Her Performance in ‘One Day’

Have you seen the movie "One Day"? I did, and it's one of those few films that will linger in your memory for a long time!

The romantic drama is topbilled by Anne Hathaway (Brokeback Mountain, The Princess Diaries) and Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe), and directed by Lone Scherfig. It was based from the bestselling novel by by David Nicholls of the same name.

It’s actually a British film and Anne Hathaway, being an American, has to execute her lines with British accent. Her performance, I must say, is very natural and compelling. There are lots of emotionally charged scenes in the movie and she really stands out.

“One Day” depicts the friendship and love between two characters, Emma and Dexter, through scenes from one day, July 15th, of each year.

The film is now showing in Philippine theaters.

Watch the trailer here:

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