Winwin of Bukidnon Gains Weight, Leaves Pinoy Biggest Loser Camp

Six remaining contestants left vying to be the 1st winner of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.

The girl from Bukidnon who brought cheers and joy to the Biggest Loser camp got voted out after gaining weight a week after celebrating her birthday.

Winwin Cabinta, who wants to finally look like a real lady after being mistaken for a tomboy most of her life, gained one pound to weigh 189 pounds and became one of three contestants to face elimination.

“I have no reason to be sad now that I am leaving the BL camp. I lost 72 pounds. That’s the weight of a teenager,” exclaimed Winwin. “I will continue my journey outside the camp. It will be a new test and it will allow me to discover more about myself.”

Winwin entered the Biggest Loser weighing 260 pounds but left weighing only 189 pounds. More than the weight loss, she said the experience has equipped her with the knowledge and motivation that will help her in life.

“I am so fulfilled because I learned a lot inside the BL camp. I am so happy to make it to the top seven considering that my fellow contestants had joked that I would be the first to be eliminated,” she said.

Only six remaining contestants remain in ABS-CBN’s high-rating reality TV show that has been transforming the lives of 12 overweight Filipinos who will under go undergo emotional and physical challenges to get in shape towards winning P1 million, a condominium unit from DMCI Homes, a Vespa scooter, and the title “The Very First Pinoy Biggest Loser.”

While another female contestant bid goodbye to the show, another female contestant became the Biggest Loser of the week. Wild card contestant Leigh lost five pounds to weigh 185 pounds from 190 pounds. She started with a weight of 230 lbs.

Winwin, who is betting on Art to win, said the reality show has changed her outlook in life by making her appreciate the simple things, the importance of family, the value of a healthy body, and most of all, it transformed her to become a lady.

Though she will miss the trainings, challenges, and weigh-ins, Winwin vowed to spring a surprise at the show’s finale.

“My stay inside the camp is probably the best 12 weeks of my life. So many things happened that I never thought could be possible. I can now say I am the luckiest person in the world,” she said.

Keep watching “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” weeknights after “Guns and Ross” on ABS-CBN.

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