Matthew Fox Arrested for Attacking a Female Bus Driver

Matthew Fox arrested for assaulting a woman on Monday morning, August 29.

Matthew Fox Arrested

“Lost” star Matthew Fox has definitely lost his cool. He was briefly arrested and detained after allegedly punching a female bus driver of a party bus in the chest and stomach.

Cleveland police said Matthew Fox arrested following an incident wherein he attempted to hitch a ride to his hotel aboard a private party bus. The 29-year-old female driver Heather Bormann reportedly blocked the entrance and informed the 45-year-old actor that he could not board as the bus had been rented out exclusively and he is not included in the guest list.

Fox then allegedly punched Bormann in the chest and stomach, before receiving a blow to the mouth in return. The actor sustained a cut on his lip and was briefly detained after the incident.

Fox has been released and brought back to his hotel after a while.

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