Abner Mercado Advocates Rights of People with Disabilities in ‘Krusada’

Aside from physical constraint, people with disabilities (PWDs) are confronted everyday with limited access to opportunities normal people enjoy. Some of which include the basic right to employment, and even access to appropriate restrooms in commercial establishments.

This Thursday in “Krusada,” Abner Mercado takes a look at the plight of PWDs as he advocates for their rights and full integration to society so they can flourish as productive citizens of the country.

Aside from constructing suitable ramps and lanes, Abner believes in providing PWDs with proper education and business and livelihood trainings.

Join Abner as he accompanies Khervee, a five-year old kid who is not able to walk properly, and his parents to the Philippine General Hospital to seek medical advice for his condition. Will still he be able to run around and play with his friends?

Listen, take part and be one with Abner’s crusade because it takes more than words to make a stand. Watch “Krusada” this Thursday (September 1) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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