Kris Says: Be Kind to Yourself!

The latest K Magazine features 100 ways to enrich, enhance, and empower your life now.

Her life may be an open book, but there are countless things we have yet to learn about the Queen of Talk, Kris Aquino.

In the latest issue of The Kris Aquino Magazine, featuring our cover girl in a glamorous red outfit, Kris makes a list of over 100 ways she tries to live life to the full.

“Be kind to yourself,” she encourages readers, and for Kris, this could be in many different ways.

To enrich her mind, she reveals 20 books she has recently read and are lined up to read. To inspire and reflect, she names 10 songs and artists she has been listening to lately. To help make her feel and look good, Kris shows us 10 beauty favorites in her kikay kit, as well as 5 ways to wear the jumpsuit, one of her current wardrobe staples. To refresh and rejuvenate her each day, she reveals the 15 things she always keeps in her bathroom. To help make her home life easier, she has 10 tried-and-tested kitchen must-haves. To guide her in her passions and pursuits, she shares 15 devotional quotes that keeps her grounded and hopeful. And as if these weren’t enough, she opens up her heart once more with the 15 things she has learned about herself lately.

This issue is chock-full of interesting reads, including Kris’s accounts of her latest trips with her boys Josh and Bimby. Enjoy exclusive photos of their Mexican Disney cruise to celebrate Bimby’s birthday, and their breathtaking vacation in Palawan’s Mangenguey island for Josh’s celebration!

Not only that, K Mag is the first to tell the story of John “Sweet” Lapus and his “father figure” role in Josh’s life. Anne Curtis also talks about the special bond she shares with her Ate Kris.

Last but not least, Kris takes us through her friend Pokwang’s new house in Antipolo, and in the process shares 5 useful design tips for homemakers out there.

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