Kim Hyun Joong Gives a ‘Hi-Five’ Each to 500 Filipino Fans

K-Pop superstar Kim Hyun Joong, best known for his Koreanovela "Boys Over Flowers," staged a "Hi Five Touch Event" at Trinoma.

500 lucky pinoy fans of Kim Hyun Joong were able to meet their Korean idol face to face and give him a “hi-five” or in tagalog, an “apir!”

The unique and fun event was the first of its kind in the country giving a chance to as much as 500 fans to be able to touch their idol.

Aside from the Philippines, Kim Hyun Joong is also holding Hi Five Touch Events in other Asian countries as well. It’s his way of giving his fans a warm smile and personal thank you for buying his album and watching his shows.

Image courtesy of Lux Mae

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