Will and Jada Smith to Sue InTouch Magazine?

InTouch magazine could be facing legal trouble following their report that Hollywood couple Will and Jada Smith ended their marriage.

Last Tuesday, the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith separation rumors hit the headlines of broadsheets as well as entertainment sites which was ignited by the InTouch report which source, they said, came from a reliable insider.

Representatives for both Smith and Pinkett Smith have released statements on Wednesday saying that they are not separating and that the rumors are completely false.

The sub-rumor linking Pinkett Smith with her Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony have also been denied by Anthony’s representatives.

However, an article from the latest issue of InTouch magazine alleges the contrary. The dramatic headline reads, “Two marriages destroyed: Jada steals J.Lo’s husband!”

Within the magazine, the six-page feature claims to have details from sources and photo proof that Pinkett Smith and Anthony have been secretly involved.

InTouch alleges that Smith found Pinkett Smith and Anthony together in early August when he made a surprise visit to one of their Los Angeles homes. The article claims that an insider was not able to give details of the encounter, but that Jada moved out of the house the next day and Will subsequently fired the house staff, accusing them of covering up the affair.

Will and Jada Smith believe InTouch has crossed the line that’s why they reportedly contacted their legal team to mull a possible case against the gossip publication.

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