Q&A with AXN Anchor Jaymee Ong from the Action Flick ‘Deep Gold’

Jaymee Ong stars in the latest action movie “Deep Gold” from Bigfoot Studios shot entirely in scenic Cebu and underwater in breathtaking Palawan.

Just when Cebuano freediver Amy Sanchez (Bebe Pham) breaks an important freediving record, her boyfriend – Philippine Air Force Pilot Tony – mysteriously vanishes together with a flight that is supposed to bring millions of dollars worth of gold to the Central Bank in Manila. Determined to discover the truth, she goes off with her sister Jess (Jaymee Ong) to find out. In her quest for truth, she entangles herself in a web of lies and deceit before she finds out that somebody used her for what turns out to become a much larger conspiracy.
Showcasing Philippines’ best sites, “Deep Gold” explodes into non-stop action and daring underwater photography which also stars acclaimed actor Joel Torre.

Jaymee Ong, in the following interview shares what it’s like filming in the Phils. for the movie “Deep Gold.”

Q: What is your character like in the movie?
A Jess Santos is the older , more sensible sister of Amy. She’s very protective of her little sister. Her little sister is sort of really gutsy, strong person who’s got this lovelife and is kind of carefree whereas Jess is more the sensible one. Likes to take care of the account of the business who doesn’t really have a lovelife.

Q: How was it filming in Cebu and Palawan?
A: I’ve never been here before and never really know what to expect…but I got in here and got into water stuff and it’s really great. One thing that’s been the constant challenge is the weather, we’re in the tropics and so it’s kind of unpredictable so the sets kind of take 5 hours to do.

Q: What can people can expect from this film?
A: I just really hope that people enjoy this movie, I think it’s going to be interesting and exciting. People will really be surprised by the production that’s come out and it’s a beautiful place to be and a beautiful place to work.

Jaymee Ong first appeared in the film “Gen-X Cops” produced by Jackie Chan. Following her successful debut, she landed a leading role in “Rave Fever.” She then went on to land roles in “Pearl Harbor” and in the hit TV series “Las Vegas’ and “Entourage.”

Based in Singapore since 2004, Ong has co-starred with Thai actor Gof Akara and Sharon Au in Channel 5 drama Tiramisu (TV show). She is also the host of AXN, currently hosting and writing for eBuzz, a weekly entertainment magazine programme where she interviews international celebrities.

“Deep Gold” opens August 31 in cinemas from Bigfoot Studios.

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