Kim Chiu and Her Leading Men Enter the Scene in ‘My Binondo Girl’

Matteo Guidecelli, Xian Lim, and Jolo Revilla will be paired up with Primetime Princess, Kim Chiu in the new ABS-CBN series, “My Binondo Girl.”

The three promising actors are ready to step up their acting prowess in this new series and are also making their primetime comeback after “Agua Bendita,” “Katorse,” and “Noah.” They will be giving life to the characters of Onyx (Jolo Revilla), who is Jade’s childhood friend, and best friend Andy Wu (Xian Lim), who is Yuan’s rival in managing ChenJean restaurant, and Trevor Wu (Matteo Gudecelli), the second son of Edison Wu (Ricardo Cepedea) who is always being compared to his brother, Andy.

Under the direction of Malou Sevilla, “My Binondo Girl” is primetime’s newest drama-comedy series which will surely make you laugh and cry.

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