Neil Etheridge in Folded and Hung Underwear Campaign

The hunky goalkeeper of the Philippine Azkals is the latest athlete to become underwear endorser.

After the members of Philippine Volcanoes (Philippine National Rugby Team) and Azkals’ team captain Aly Borromeo posed in their underwear for Bench Body, Neil Etheridge joins the bandwagon. But he’s endorsing a different underwear brand–Folded and Hung.

Too bad because the online poster above showing Etheridge wearing only a Folded and Hung underwear will not make it to billboards any time soon. You can only see it online and perhaps on some print ads as underwear ads on billboards showing a model with only his/her underwear is deemed inappropriate by the authorities.

Image courtesy of Folded and Hung

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  1. Bellissima Underwear // September 5, 2011 at 11:35 pm //

    He’s so gorgeous, i love his body.

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