Zubiri, Pimentel Face Off after Four Years on TV5’s AKSYON

In one historic face-off interview since the contested 2007 senatorial polls, newly resigned Senator Miguel Zubiri and Atty. Koko Pimentel patched up their differences on national TV first and exclusive on TV5’s banner newscast AKSYON.

During the interview with AKSYON anchors Erwin Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim, Zubiri expressed why his resignation was out of delicadeza, given the key election personalities who surfaced to testify said that there had been no election in Maguindanao last May 2007.

“I wish him well. Alam mo siya ay uupo bilang senador. He’s from Mindanao. Please assist the people of Mindanao,” Zubiri said of Atty. Pimentel.

In turn, Atty. Pimentel shared, “Kung kanina ay dismayado ako, mas klaro ang paliwanag ni Migz ngayong gabi. Congratulations, Migz. Kung ganyan pala ang paliwanag mo, I’m fully satisfied with your explanation. I would like to congratulate my friend Migz Zubiri for this rare and unprecedented act. You’ll be remembered as the first Filipino politician to have displayed this extreme act of sacrifice amounting to delicadeza.”

Prior to their interview, the 12th and 13th placers of the 2007 senatorial polls had been estranged with each other due to Atty. Pimentel’s pending election protest that questions the victory of Zubiri.

The televised reconciliation happened just a few hours after Zubiri filed an irrevocable resignation before his colleagues in the Senate.

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