Karen Davila Looks Into Privatization of Public Hospitals

Compared to private health institutions, public hospitals offer cheaper, and sometimes free medical services. Poor Filipino families depend on them for their medical needs.

What will happen if government-managed hospitals such as the Philippine Heart Center, San Lazaro Hospital and Philippine Orthopedic Center become privatized?

This Thursday (August 11), Karen Davila will present the implications of Department of Health (DOH)’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program, which is said to improve the services offered by public hospitals.

Will this shift aid the poor or will it only burden them?

Promoting quality healthcare has long been Karen Davila’s cause. This is why she expresses concern over this new measure pushed by the government.

Listen, take part and be one in her crusade for quality healthcare this Thursday (August 11) in “Krusada” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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