Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson Reprises Spy Role in ‘Johnny English Reborn’

Rowan Atkinson is back as the hilarious British spy in "John English Reborn."

Mr. Bean

Johnny English Reborn is an upcoming British action comedy film parodying the James Bond secret agent genre. It is the sequel to Johnny English (2003) starring Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson!

The film is also written by Rowan Atkinson and directed by Oliver Parker.

Here is the premise of the movie:

The film takes place 8 years after its predecessor and since then, Sir Johnny English’s career has had a turn for the worse. Five years before the beginning of the film, he was sent on a mission in Mozambique which went terribly wrong. Since then, he has been living in a cave located somewhere in Tibet, hiding in shame, regret and recrimination due to the mission’s failure. The film begins with him still at an all time low in terms of morale. He is then approached by the head monk at a nearby monastery who decides to train him in martial arts, until one day he is given one more chance. The British Intelligence Service, MI7, calls him back to London for a new mission, several rogue Southeast Asian nations have begun to develop nuclear weapons and they require him to ensure that China is on their side. Thus they need him to foil a plot by a band of assassins to kill the Chinese Premier.

Johnny English Reborn is set to hit theaters worldwide on October 28, 2011.

Watch the HD trailer here:

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