‘Double Exposure’ Premieres August 18 on AXN Beyond

Reality series "Double Exposure" is set to premiere on August 18, airing every Thursday at 7:20 p.m. on AXN Beyond.

“Double Exposure” is a new reality series that follows photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani, along with high-end stylist GK Reid, giving viewers a taste of the fast-paced world of high fashion and celebrity photography. From album covers for David Bowie and Beyoncé to prize-winning photographs of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Winslet, Markus and Indrani have shot virtually every contemporary boldface name and countless other iconic images for fashion campaigns and magazines. With these two former lovers working together 18 hours a day in incredibly high-stress environments – filled with deadlines, stretched budgets, expensive locations and demanding talent – it’s not unusual for sparks to fly both on camera and outside the frame.

Episode 1 – “Monster with Two Heads”
Airing August 18, 7:20 PM

An unauthorized photographer appears on the set which leads to an explosive argument between Markus, Indrani and GK during a Women’s Health Magazine shoot in New York. This results in rapper/actress Eve storming off the set. The fighting continues in Los Angeles where a luxurious hotel suite dredges up 15 years of emotional baggage between the ex-lovers. Only an artistic shoot for uber fab designer Kai Kuhne at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House makes Markus and Indrani focus on what they do best. But just as things return to normal, someone’s fear of heights pushes everyone over the edge.

Episode 2 – “Is Lindsay Here Yet?”
Airing August 25, 7:20 PM

A glamorous week of shooting in Los Angeles begins with an outrageous client making life difficult for the duo during a Flaunt Magazine shoot with “90210” star Jessica Stroup and “Gossip Girl” cast member Armie Hammer. Mounting financial problems and a broken camera bring chaos to a shoot with Dita Von Teese. Returning to New York, disaster strikes when a high profile, but hastily planned Lindsay Lohan shoot is threatened by a Lilo no-show!

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