Mariel Rodriguez Doesn’t Want a Catholic Wedding Anymore

The request of Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla to have a Catholic wedding was disapproved by Vatican.

In an interview by Showbiz News Ngayon, Mariel Rodriguez revealed that she changed her mind after their request for a Catholic Wedding was turned down by the Vatican.

“Nagbago yung gusto ko eh. So hindi ko na hinahangad na magkaroon ng church wedding. Ngayon ko lang to sinabi. Hindi ko na iyon hinahangad ngayon,” she said.

Mariel and her husband Robin Padilla went to the Vatican City earlier this week as part of their European vacation which coincided with ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Fiesta Caravan in the region.

Despite being there for two days fulfilling all the requirements the Vatican asked of them, their request for a Catholic Church wedding was disapproved.

Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez tied the knot via a Muslim wedding in India last August 19, 2010 during the filming of their movie “Tum: My Pledge of Love” in the said country.

Since then, it’s been their desire to have a Catholic Church wedding because Mariel is a member of the Catholic church.

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