Jon Avila Reveals Secret Behind His ‘Superhero’ Body in ‘Us Girls’

Tall, mysterious, and handsome, model and actor Jon Avila definitely has the look of a superhero. But what’s more impressive about “Kapitan Boom” himself is how he achieved his sexy body after being on the heavy side before.

Learn Jon’s fitness routine and more as “Us Girls” hangs-out with him in the gym this Thursday (August 4) on Studio 23.

In this super episode, TV’s Fab Three Iya Villania, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and Angel Aquino will also feature a collection of superhero statues and figures worth USD10 million. They will also introduce us to Ashley Gosiengfiao, who reigns in the world of cosplay with sister Alodia.

Finally, meet reigning Miss Earth Nicole Faria, and learn about the super things we can do to help save and protect Mother Nature.

All these and more this Thursday (August 4), 9:30pm on “Us Girls” on Studio 23.

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