Enrique Gil Topbills Indie Flick ‘Diego and His Brothers’

"Diego and His Brothers" is a story of brotherhood, as well as a coming of age tale that follows the young protagonist, Diego.

Starring in the short film are Julijo Pisk as Diego, Pica Lozano as Tomas and Good Vibes star Enrique Gil as Anton, under the direction of Marty Lopez.

This film was made possible through the Russell Hexter Filmmaker Grant, produced at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Maurice Kanabar Institute of Film and Television.

Here is the synopsis of “Diego and His Brothers”:

DIEGO AND HIS BROTHERS is a story loosely based on events surrounding three brothers during World War II in the Philippines. The film tells the story of Diego (Julijo Pisk), a young boy on a journey with his brothers to find an aircraft to take them away from the Japanese invasion. As the story unfolds, so too does the relationship between the brothers, as they try to overcome their own interior and exterior factors that keep them from getting to their destination.

Watch the trailer here:

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