Pakyaw’s First Black Bag Winner Revealed

Would you spend P2,000 for an item you didn’t know?

Well, that’s what risk-taking shopper Richard Benson Co did when he won the chance to buy Pakyaw’s first Black Bag last Friday! Here’s a clip of his experience as Pakyaw’s first winner!


“I’m speechless. I wasn’t expecting this. I thought it’s an iPod Touch or something. Thank you very much, Pakyaw!” Mr. Co said, feeling very excited about his purchase.

Congrats to Richard Benson Co for winning an awesome 32” Samsung LCD TV!

Since Pakyaw, an online group-buying site, came out with this thrilling promo, hundreds of users have been signing up for a chance to buy the mysterious contents of Pakyaw’s Black Bag. If you missed out on joining the first Black Bag, now is the perfect chance to sign up! You could be the next winner of the biggest thing to ever hit Pakyaw!

Visit the Pakyaw Facebook page or for more details!

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