Shark Attack Victim Shares Her Survival Story

A six-year-old girl survived a shark attack off the coast of Ocracoke, North Carolina.

Lucy Magnum was bit by a shark and suffered from 90 percent muscle and tendon tear that will require physical therapy before she recovers.

Lucy describes her harrowing experience on the TV program Good Morning America.

“It bit my leg and it felt like it almost stayed there,” she said.

Her mom, Jordan Mangum was only a few feet away and her father was a little bit farther in the water as Lucy and her sister played on their boogie boards in water that was no more than 18 inches deep.

“I heard her scream, so I immediately turned towards her. And at that point, saw the shark right next to her. So I immediately recognized it as a shark and ran towards her, and at this point, it didn’t really cross my mind that she had been bitten. I just wanted to get her and her sister out of the water,” Jordan said in the interview.

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