Henry Omaga-Diaz Starts Crusade for Overseas Filipino Workers

Lack of job and business opportunities have pushed Filipinos to search for livelihood abroad. There, they don’t only find work, but they also earn more than what they usually get back home.

But while more and more Filipinos are trying their luck in different parts of the world, 1.7 million OFWs to be exact, many also return to the Philippines unsuccessful.

ABS-CBN anchor Henry Omaga-Diaz believes OFWs should get help and support to recover from the difficulties they experienced in foreign lands. Join him this Thursday (July 28) in “Krusada,” as he begins to fight for new opportunities here and abroad for the nation’s modern-day heroes.

Year after year, many Pinoys go back with nothing, while others return with emotional and physical trauma from abusive employers or injuries from work.

Such is the story of Steve Tamayo, owner of the famous Tamayo’s Catering. After working as a waiter and janitor in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, he gained considerable success in the ‘90s, but was then faced with a huge dilemma.

Ma. Fe Muya, on the other hand, went back and forth to Singapore as a domestic helper in 1995. She lived through the constant verbal assault from her employer, but finally went home in 2007 after her boss got into the business of prostitution. Still, she wasn’t fazed by this and returned to Singapore again. Will she finally reach her dreams this time?

Find out the government’s programs for the OFWs and how citizens can help them get their lives back on track and towards prosperity in “Krusada” with Henry-Omaga Diaz this Thursday (July 28), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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