Talked About Koreanovela ‘Pure Love,’ Premieres on ABS-CBN

Beginning Monday (July 11), ABS-CBN proudly presents the talked about and recently concluded Korean which will show you that life is meaningless without love— “Pure Love.”

She seems to have the perfect life— a loving family, a nice career, good friends, and a gorgeous boyfriend who just asked her hand in marriage. But what if all of it was gone in an instant and she found out that her life isn’t perfect as it seems to be?

Just as when Dianne is having the time of her life, she suddenly met a car accident that leaves her in a coma.

Since it is not her time yet, she was given a second chance, but it comes with a condition— she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her within 49 days.

For her to do this, Dianne borrows the body of Ysabelle, a part-time employee at a convenience store, during her sleep. Would Dianne still want to go back to life as she discovers the secrets of the people around her? How will she as Ysabelle confront her cheating fiancé, save his dad from bankruptcy, avenge herself from her treacherous best friend, and return the love of a long time friend who’s been genuinely caring for her in silence all this time?

This Koreanovela marks the return of Cho Heon-Jae from “Only You” on Philippine TV and the first time to see Lee Yo-Won as a Kapamilya. “Pure Love” or “49 Days” in Korea, definitely created a buzz among Korean audience with its gripping storyline, surprising twists, and unpredictable ending.

Don’t miss “Pure Love,” weeknights after “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” in the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN.

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