Heart Evangelista’s Twitter Account Hacked According to Her Fans and BF

However, this is not yet confirmed by Heart Evangelista herself.

The fans of Heart Evangelista claim that their idol’s Twitter account was hacked following an incident this morning that the Temptation Island star tweeted derogatory remarks against co-star Marian Rivera, whom she reportedly had a rift with last week.

According to the tweets which were posted on her official Twitter account (love marie ongpauco @heart021485) this morning, “Heart” called Marian “bobita” and “marianita bobo.”

Heartworld, a fangroup of Heart Evangelista, declared that their Idol’s Twitter account was hacked and the derogatory messages was posted by an impostor.

Here are their tweets:

“We would like inform you guys that Heart Evangelista’s twitter account has been hacked.Any tweets from @heart021485 is not basically from her..Please RT.”

“Twitter got hacked.We called her and she’s in the mall right now shopping..Please beware.”

“Please help us inform everyone that Heart’s twitter account has been hacked.”

“One more thing Heart is not using iPhone to tweet coz her twitter doesn’t work there.If you will notice the recent tweets were posted using iPhone..Heart uses web to tweet..FYI!”

“Isa pa,hindi po Jejemon magtweet si Heart..”

Heart’s boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga also tweeted about the allegedly hacked Twitter account:

“hearts account has been hacked by desperate fans!this is really too much,i guess “her”theats are coming all the reporters help.

As of this moment, there’s no statement yet from Heart Evangelista herself if her Twitter Account was indeed hacked or if she’s the one who posted the negative tweets against Marian Rivera.

Some people think this is still part of the “Marian versus Heart” alleged publicity stunt to promote the movie “Temptation Island” which opens in theaters today.

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