Maricel Soriano, Beating Her Household Workers?

Two household workers of Maricel Soriano are accusing the Diamond Star of physical abuse, reported.

18-year-old Camille Acojedo, and 22-year-old May Cachuela claim they suffered physical and verbal abuse in less that one month since there were hired to work. One of them even accused Soriano of kicking her and threatening to shoot her with a gun.

“The Buzz” said the camp of Soriano has accused the maids of stealing, but the 2 vehemently denied the allegations.

Soriano has yet to issue a statement on the controversy but she was able to accused the maids of stealing which was mentioned on “The Buzz.” Acojedo and Cachuela denied the accusation.

Barangay officials will conduct a hearing on the complaint filed by the household workers against Soriano tomorrow, July 6.

If Soriano fails to attend the hearing, reports said the complaint will be brought to the police.

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