Meet the ‘Philippine Volcanoes’ – PHL’s National Rugby Team in Bench Underwear

The Philippine Volcanoes is the national rugby team of the Philippines. Just like some of the Azkals, they are composed of half-breed eyecandies.

Rugby is a sport virtually unknown in the country. But with the introduction of the Philippine national rugby team, all just wearing underwear, rugby will become as popular as basketball in no time.

Known as “Philippine Volcanoes,” the members of our national rugby team are also Bench Body endorsers.

Check out their profiles…

Jake Robrigado Letts
Date of Birth: March 16, 1988
Nationality: Filipino-Australian
Occupation: Post graduate student
Years playing rugby: Since I was 6 years old, so 17 years!
Rugby hero: Rupert “Uncle Scoops” Zappia and Chooky Cullen

Ned Plarizan Stephenson
Birthday: June 11, 1992
Nationality: Filipino-Australian
Occupation: Student
Years Playing Rugby: 2
Rugby Hero: Quade Coope

Patrice Ortiz Olivier
Date of Birth: 7 January 1990
Nationality: Filipino-French
Occupation: Rugby Player
Years playing rugby: 9
Rugby hero: Waffy Zappia


Online posters courtesy of Bench

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