‘Good Vibes’ Heartthrobs Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion Take Rivalry to Real Life?

ABS-CBN’s young leading men Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion play half-brothers with a sibling rivalry in “Good Vibes,” but could they possibly be rivals in real-life as well?

Enrique, after all, is the former boyfriend of their co-star, model-turned-actress Coleen Garcia, who is now being paired with Sam.

The former “Little Big Star” champion recently admitted that he is now ready to have a girlfriend, which prompted people to assume he is wooing Coleen, his love interest in the show.

Coleen, meawhile, admitted she also has a “past” with Sam. They used to appear in the same shows, he as a singer and she as a model.

“We crossed paths when we were younger, around 9 years old pa lang kami. But we never really talked to each other,” she said.

It was only in “Good Vibes” that they become friends and it didn’t take long before they got closer to each other than to anyone else in the group.

“We’re all close in GV. But since we started taping, Sam and I became much closer because we’re both playful and like to joke around,” she said.

But Coleen was quick to point out that her real-life relationship with Sam can’t be compared to that of Monique and Marc’s, their characters in the show.

“Si Monique and Marc, their relationship with each other as mag-ex is very heavy and emotional. Ako kasi, I’m a very bubbly and happy person. So with Sam, I make sure that everything is light. Bawal ang negativity, dapat palaging positive,” she explained.

While the two heartthrobs remain mum about the issues about them, it is obvious that their characters in the show still have a long way to go before getting along for real.

Viewers should not miss the coming episode of the leading youth-oriented program “Good Vibes,” where the dance groups of half-brothers Marc (Sam) and Troy (Enrique) clash during an audition to a contest they are both joining, unintentionally.Wanting to revive the Sinagdiwa dance troupe, Marc urges his friends to try their luck at the Pilipinas dance challenge, the same contest being eyed by their former co-member Troy with his original crew Bustamoves. Complicating the situation further is Geleen’s (Linn Oeymo) desire to join Troy’s group.

Fans of the show’s love teams should also stay tuned as Troy finally decide which girl he will pursue as girlfriend—Geleen or his best friend Maribeth (Devon Seron). Marc and his ex-girlfriend Monique (Coleen Garcia) also have to settle the score on their own relationship.

Franco (Arron Villaflor) also tries to save his friendship with Marc, who found out about his relationship with Marc’s sister Carmi (Kristel Moreno).

Find out where these exciting turn of events head to this Sunday (June 26) on “Good Vibes,” after “ASAP ROCKS” on ABS-CBN.

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