Noah Wyle Stars in New TV Series ‘Falling Skies’

The former "ER" star is making a television comeback via the new scifi series from Steven Spielberg, "Falling Skies."

Noah Wyle

“Falling Skies” was launched with a two-hour premiere Sunday night on cable network TNT. It stars stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood (“Terminator Salvation”) and Will Paxton (“Armageddon”) as survivors of an alien attack who’ve banded together to fight back.

Wyle told Reuters his role in “Falling Skies” is very different from his previous role as doctor in “ER” 6 years ago.

“Total change — certainly very different from anything I’ve ever done before. Fighting aliens? I never expected that!,” he shared.

The 40-year-old actor compares his new show to the hit drama series “Lost” saying “Falling Skies” is not a scifi series per se as it’s mostly-character driven.

“This isn’t about the actual invasion and destruction but how people survive after it. It’s essentially a character drama. And like ‘Lost,’ it opens with a question mark — why did this happen, what do they want and how will we survive? And each week you learn a new piece of information about the aliens and their motives,” he said.

Produced by Dreamworks Television, “Falling Skies” airs on TNT every Sunday night.

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