Rachelle Ann Go Breaks Her Silence by Singing ‘I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love’

Rachelle Ann Go confirmed her breakup with John Prats through a bitter sweet song number in Party Pilipinas earlier today.

Rumors about the Rachelle Ann Go-John Prats breakup have been circulating in the past week but neither of the two issued a statement about the news.

While Rachelle Ann Go kept mum about the issue, John Prats has reportedly mentioned that he is now single.

Earlier today on Party Pilipinas, Rachelle expressed her feelings by singing “I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love” by Rita Coolidge.

The song goes:

Too many times I’ve seen
the rose die on the vine
somebody’s heart gets broken usually
It’s mine I don’t want to take
the chance of being hurt again
and you and I can’t say good-bye

So if you wake and find me gone
oh baby carry on you see I need my
fantasy I still believe it’s best to
leave while I’m in love I still believe
It’s best to leave while I’m in love

Rachelle Ann Go received a standing ovation from the audience after performing the song.

Watch the video here:

Image courtesy of Party Pilipinas Facebook Fanpage

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