Story of Two Grooms and a Bride in ‘Marry Me Mary,’ Premieres on ABS-CBN

"Marry Me Mary" is the newest Koreanovela on ABS-CBN to premiere this Monday, June 20.

Every woman dreams of becoming a beautiful bride. And Mary’s dream is coming true, except that she has two grooms waiting for her. Who will she choose? The man betrothed to marry her or the man who pretends to be her husband?

You are cordially invited to the oddest and most complicated marriage of the year beginning Monday (June 20) as ABS-CBN premieres “Mary Me Marry,” the newest Koreanovela craze to hit your afternoon viewing.

This widely-followed Koreanovela stars the so-called Geun-Geun couple— Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk— Korean stars who played the lead roles.

Because of financial constraints, Mary has to stop school and work to earn money. But his dad thought of a faster way to pay their debts by betrothing her to Justin, the son of his dad’s good, wealthy friend. Justin may have not met Mary yet but he agreed to the arrangement after his father promised to fund the movie that he will be producing.

When Mary learned about this, she begged Michael, a young rocker who cares nothing else but his music, to pretend to be her husband.

Despite this, Mary’s dad still filed a marriage certificate for her and Justin. This prompted Justin to offer Mary a deal— in 100 days, she has to live with him and Justin and then decide who to marry.

What will happen in 100 days? How will Mary change the lives of Justin and Michael? And above all, who will she pick? The perfect guy or the rocker who is perfect for her heart?

Don’t miss the romantic premiere of “Marry Me Mary,” Mondays to Fridays beginning June 20, after “Frijolito” on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN.

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