‘Good Vibes’ Delivers ‘Kilig’ Overload this Sunday

It’s not Valentine’s day on Sunday (June 19), but it’s definitely going to be sweet and romantic for viewers of the country’s leading youth-oriented program “Good Vibes” on ABS-CBN.

This coming episode, Ara (Yen Santos) finally gets to spend time alone with Marc (Sam Concepcion), a friend she has secretly admired for a long time. See if Marc chooses to reciprocate her feelings or stays focused on winning back his ex-girlfriend Monique (Coleen Garcia).

His half-brother Troy (Enrique Gil) is also near in confronting his own love issues with Geleen (Linn Oeymo), their fellow Sinagdiwa dancer. Troy has to find creative ways to bridge the gap between him and Geleen, who unlike him, grew up in comfort and luxury.

Pinoy Big Brother cuties Ivan Dorschner (Gab) and James Reid (Spencer), on the other hand, get into a duel for the affection of Devon Seron’s Maribeth. Jaevon fans (James-Devon) will surely be excited to hear that James will be serenading Devon in one scene.
The two have been linked ever since their days inside the PBB house.

With the show going the next level in “kilig,” many are wondering if the feelings between the co-stars would transcend the boob tube. Take Sam and Coleen as an example. The two have reportedly been spending a lot of time together on the set.

Sam, who has evolved from being the precocious sing and dance act in “Little Big Star” into a certified teen actor-heartthrob, said he feels at ease when he’s with Coleen.

“She’s really fun to be with. It doesn’t feel like work when I’m with her because she just makes you feel comfortable,” he said.

Asked if he’s ready to fall in love, the talented lad just said, “You never know when you’re falling in love. It just happens. I can’t really tell, but if it does happen then I’m ready for it.”

Devon, meanwhile, isn’t ready for a commitment as she’d rather focus on her work and studies. She, however, admitted that she fancied her new “love team” Ivan when they were still housemates in PBB.

“Crush? Of course, Ivan’s very handsome. But we’ve remained just close friends ever since PBB,” she clarified.
Linn, meanwhile, opened up about what she looks for in a boyfriend. She said, “What I look for in a guy is simple. I want him to love and respect me for who I am and what I do.”

Her partner in the show, Enrique, on the other hand, seems focused on his career, especially now that he’s juggling two shows in “Good Vibes” and “Mula sa Puso.” But he does, however, play an important role off-cam as the object of “paglilihi” of Dominic Ochoa’s pregnant wife.

Dominic, who plays the dad of Enrique and Sam in the show, shared his excitement on celebrating Father’s Day this year. The original “Gimik” alumnus added he relates to his character Nestor.

“I’m similar to Nestor Pedroza because I make sure to be responsible always, that I spend quality time with my family and that I have an open communication with my wife about everything,” he said.

The question now is this: will he have the same reaction when Nestor finally learns about the secret relationship between his eldest child Carmi, played by Kristel Moreno, and the younger Franco, played by Arron Villaflor?

Find out in the most kilig episode to date of “Good Vibes,” this Sunday (June 19), after “ASAP Rocks” on ABS-CBN.

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