Lady Gaga – ‘The Edge of Glory’ Music Video Released

Lady Gaga has released the music video for her third single "The Edge of Glory" off her "Born this Way" album!

The music video for “The Edge of Glory” was reportedly directed by Joseph Kahn. Rumor has it that Kahn, also the director of “LoveGame,” had an argument with Lady Gaga during the shooting of the music video and that he was fired by the Pop Queen. Interscope Records later confirmed that Gaga took over as the director of the clip, with the Haus of Gaga as collaborative directors.

The video premiered June 16 on So You Think You Can Dance.

For the first time, Gaga only wears one outfit throughout the entire video, a Gianni Versace creation. In addition, there were also no back-up dancers or actors.

Watch the music video here:

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