Kim Atienza Launches Fight Against Smoking in ‘Krusada’

Even with health complications brought about by smoking, a study shows that eight out of ten Filipinos can finish almost one pack of cigarettes a day.

Some of them say the relief from stress they get from cigarettes is just too much to give up, even for the sake of their own and other people’s health.

What will take smokers to give up their addiction? “Matanglawin” Kim Atienza will provide the answers this Thursday (June 9) on “Krusada.”

Since his grandfather died from Lung Cancer due to excessive smoking, Atienza has been determined to fight smoking in the country. On Thursday (June 9), he brings a chain smoker to the doctor for a check-up. The smoker said he feels fit and well but what will his test results show?

Find out the other ill effects of smoking to the body, whether you’re a casual, chain or a secondhand smoker from “Kuya Kim.”

Listen, take part and be one in his crusade against smoking in “Krusada” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. Because it takes more than words to make a stand.

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