ABS-CBN Wins 2nd Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award

ABS-CBN bags Gold Award from Readers' Digest for the second year in a row.

For the second consecutive year, ABS-CBN Corp. was voted by consumers in the TV Network category in the Philippines to win the Gold Award at the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2011. The most widely-circulated magazine in the world, Reader’s Digest has a “well-established reputation as the premier consumer-based, international measure of brand preference.” With this award, ABS-CBN further solidifies its stature as the choice of Filipino consumers when it comes to credible news reportage and quality television programming.

(L-R) ABS-CBN Corporate Communications head Bong Osorio, ABS-CBN Channel 2 head Cory Vidanes, and ABS-CBN Corporate Marketing head Cookie Bartolome.

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  1. media rather!!

  2. @ anonymous #97- have you seen the original green rose!! if you will not comment like that na natigbak..FYI..tapos na ang sotry..same with Mutya..why prolong the story if it’s just that long..and for the IDOL side..alam mo ba kung saan mga shows ni SARAH G. here and abroad..she’s very in demand..she already did a series of shows for two months..and yong time nayon ang idol..are you reading bulletins, porters or any other promotional meadia..or at least watched and listened on TV,radio and internet..
    By saying that…it should be substantiated with facts… just try to notice ang artists ng GMA..!! bilanagn ng flaws and irregularities!! 😉

  3. Diestro // June 5, 2011 at 11:45 am //

    That’s right people! Name calling is the way to go. Let us prove we are all adults and responsible “commenters”. NOT!

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