Sam Milby & KC Concepcion – ‘Forever and a Day’ Official Movie Poster

Check out the official movie poster of the upcoming romantic flick starring Sam Milby and KC Concepcion!

“Forever and a Day” is Star Cinema’s next offering after the highly successful romantic drama “In the Name of Love.” It stars two of the country’s most gorgeous faces in showbiz–Sam Milby and KC Concepcion–under the direction of Cathy Garcia-Molina.

The film is coming to theaters this June!

30 Comments on Sam Milby & KC Concepcion – ‘Forever and a Day’ Official Movie Poster

  1. ang galing galing na umarte ni Sam Milby..ang laki na ng improvement nya..maganda yung story kahit di masyadong happy ending…nakakaiyak…mejo ok na din umarte si kc…pero di ganun kagaling…konting practice pa pero ang ganda nya talaga:)

  2. Hindi marunong umarte si Kc. Pilit at plastic.

  3. Advance Congrats Star Cinema! // June 13, 2011 at 12:20 am //

    Nasa imagination ko lang noon na ano kaya KC-Sam naman ang pagtambalin..eto na! Surefire hit ‘to based sa mga reactions ng mga tao sa trailer!

  4. I agree with other person who comments you about your hosting career. You have to excell that area, you have a degree and don’t let people put you down because of that issue. Your acting has improved yet your hosting is very poor..Improve that area and you will be excell for anything else…I say this for you because I care…Good luck your movie with Sam.

  5. Brandie // June 12, 2011 at 9:16 am //

    This movie you improved but need a little work out…The views the story I like it, very natural…KC and Sam are perfect couple too bad they just friends that would be nice if they are boyfriend and girlfriend..Theres a part when they smile they look alike perfect couple i would say..Anyhow..Good luck and I wish you the best for your movie…….

  6. natalie // June 12, 2011 at 9:11 am //

    I like kc but she needs to polish her acting career and being a host she needs to settle down a little have her co host to talk first then wait her turn. Very inconsiderate. Sorry, Kc u have to act professional, may pinagaralan ka pa naman. We love u but u need to work more when it comes ur hosting career and acting career.. Your music, ur mom is way better so u have to polish that too as well….Good luck!!!!

  7. they don’t really advertise this movie not like the movie with Angel and aga title In the name of love. What is going on…Maganda pa man ang dating itong movie. I think i like this movie better than In the name of love which perhaps I don’t like Angel Locsin..hehehe. No offense we have our own choice. Good luck sam and kc….

  8. Georgeous couple. I hope this movie is going to be successful. I pray for both of you. I know u both worked hard this movie. Wish your luck and I love!!!!

  9. belinda // June 9, 2011 at 8:48 am //

    Sam and KC are good looking couple. Finally, they movie together. I can’t wait to watch their upcoming movie. Hope it will hit big time. Good luck and we love u!!!!

  10. I haven’t seen those places in the Philippines. I must see this movie to see where my family came from. I don’t really watched any Filipino movies but this one I will watch because I like the views. GOOD LUCK BOTH OF YOU!!!

  11. I hope KC and Sam will be successful with this movie. Wish u luck. Good job director.

  12. I like sports, waterfalls and amazing people who worked this movie. Well done and good luck!!!

  13. This movie looks interesting, kc and sam are very simple yet beautiful people inside out. Good luck!!!

  14. hi, I’m not really a fan of Sam and Kc but when i saw some of their shoots and pic’s I realized that they were a good pair…hope after this movie they have a second or third movie pa…

  15. kristine // June 6, 2011 at 12:38 pm //

    I like this movie especially the views. I like waters falls and love story. I will support this movie no matter what people says. I love u KC and Sam. YOU BOTH GOOD LOOKING.

  16. daphnie // May 31, 2011 at 11:35 pm //

    KC and Sam milby are a good pair. Their movie Forever and A Day. I like it and I will support this movie because they look good each other, mabait pa sila and they both talented individual. I love u both

  17. Forever and a day will be hit I seen the preview looks like a good movie. Will see the movie then judge ok! I respect all the actreses and actors from the philippines. Please give a full support each everyone of them. Be nice ok.

  18. hi idol kc..u know i liked your teleserye w/ piolo pascual ang galing mo sa scenes na u said the line of ms. nora aunor sa himala”walang himala, ang tunay na himala ay nasa puso at isip” ang ganda.Sana u join a movie drama scenes with superstar ms nora aunor i your next project,sana yong heavy drama.Just to let u know im fans also of ms nora aunor and the megastar their both excellent in acting.Please ms charo santos have them nora.sharon and kc in one movie.Im waiting this to happen.Thank u

  19. kc is so simple and briliant actress..parang she liked to do movies just to entertain the people/fans..thats is why i keep watching her present in any tv or movie appearances..she got her own style and simplicity..we love u..dont ever pay attention to those bad comments about you.because we as fans of kc concepcion will never ever compare her ability to anyone..we are love and peace.

  20. i dont know kung bakit pinagsisikan ni KC sarili niya sa PHIL. showbiz, nag-aral aral pa xa tpuz magi2ng OA na host, actress, singer at dancer. wala naman sa perfect talent na magaling xa. She has to be always thankful for having a popular actor parents. Bakit kaya si LUIS, he made his name in HOSTING pero siya if YOU heard KC, alam na anak ng sikat kaya sumikat. Sana the talkshow where siya nag-guest internationally, ma-absorb siya para sa ibang artista na deserving mapunta ang mga projects na nasa kanya.

  21. i love love kc! will def. watch her movie w/ sam! cute din ni sam 🙂

    sa mga nega, mahirap talaga tanggapin ang totoo ano?(re ur beloved marian) haha

    GO GO GO KC & SAM!

  22. TRUE BLOOODED KAPAMILYA // May 25, 2011 at 12:25 am //



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  23. Anonymous // May 24, 2011 at 11:35 pm //

    GOODLUCK sa movie!

    for sure maganda ang movie nato. si direct cathy pa, kahit sinong combination PAPATOK!

  24. Gossip Girl // May 24, 2011 at 10:22 pm //

    Ang chaka naman ni Marian Nanay na me anak kay ervic vijandre at Mukhang ulikbang kabayo!!!!!! Gossip Girl sa itaas sya ang ulikbang kabayo ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pangit na wlang kapera pera pa pweeeeeeeee.

  25. Gossip Girl mukhang kabayo // May 24, 2011 at 5:24 pm //

    Ang chaka naman ni Anghit Bulocsin! Mukhang ulikbang kabayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. tanga…hnd taga gen trias c marian kapitbhay namin yan…wla nmn alagang bata lola nia…inngitera mukha mu!inggiterang palaka


    The BINUKOT TRADITION of the SULODNON / PANAY BUKIDNON people of the town of Tapaz in Capiz and the towns of Maasin, Janiuay, Lambunao and Calinog in Iloilo is getting a boost in GMA7′s “AMAYA” but sad to say, they are committing a big historical and cultural blunder for the wrong portrayal of a BINUKOT!

    A BINUKOT is a woman who is supposed to be living in isolation for her entire life. She dwells in a dark room devoid of sun exposure so that her skin will maintain its fair glow. She is given the best food, not allowed to work and she is carried in a hammock when she is moved from one place to another. She is only allowed to go out in veiled attire during the night prior to crop planting and cultivation to dance and chant for a good harvest. Binukots are healthwise frail and weak because of the lack of physical activity, a condition similar to having muscular atrophy. A certain Binukot claimed that her feet bled when she tried to walk for the first time and even with complete adaptation to physical activity, Binukot women cannot attain full muscular strenght and agility. These women also command a good dowry price for men interested to marry them and most importantly, the SULODNON / PANAY BUKIDNON CULTURE and BINUKOT TRADITION is only found in the mountains of WESTERN VISAYAS.

    AMAYA played by Marian Rivera portrays a Binukot but she is ironically a warrior princess fighting off with men and other nemesis in the TV production in broad daylight. The setting of Amaya is situated in pre-colonial Central Visayas which is far from reality since Binukots are women of WESTERN VISAYAS. GMA7 claimed to have conducted a research with UP-Diliman historians regarding Amaya’s plot but the question is: why is there such a big deviation from the original BINUKOT TRADITION of the SULODNONs / PANAY BUKIDNONs?

    The producers of AMAYA should set things straight and clarify issues once and for all. They should classify what kind of a TV production Amaya is: a fiction, a culture and history-based series, etc. If indeed Amaya is fiction then it should not in any way use any of the cultural traditions of the indigenous people because culture and history should never be played nor experimented with. If Amaya on the other hand is historically and culturally-based then it should stick to the facts of culture and history.

    Amaya should be one of the two and not a combination of the two…. for history and culture will never be a part of any fictional story.The characters maybe fictional thats acceptable but the details of culture and history should always be exact and specific. For if not, then we are only mocking our own culture and history as a Filipino.

    Lastly, I would like to clarify that the issue on the wrong portrayal of a Binukot woman in GMA7s AMAYA is just a minor issue because the Binukot’s evolution in becoming a slave and a warrior can very well be justified with the show’s storyline and script although it is very far from reality. The bigger issue here is that GMA7 did not give credit (in its press releases) to the source or inspiration of the Binukot concept. GMA should made it clear that the BINUKOT tradition was taken from the highlands of Capiz (Tapaz) and Iloilo (Maasin, Janiuay, Lambunao and Calinog) and not somewhere else.

    BINUKOT women are maidens who live in the MOUNTAINS of CENTRAL PANAY (Tapaz in Capiz; Maasin, Janiuay, Lambunao & Calinog in Iloilo). BINUKOT women are not SEASIDE WARRIORS from CENTRAL VISAYAS!


  28. @24 Marian

    buti na lang hindi marunong umarte si Angel kaya nga sya nagkaroon ng nomination sa Emmy’s. Haaaay, baliktad ba talaga sa mundo ng kapuso? Ang utak nasa talampakan?

  29. @57


    baka naman teh it’s the other way around. siguro sa 1000 kapuso na katulad mo eh nagiisa ka lang na marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo nyo. Kudos to you. Sana mahawaan mo ang mga kapwa mo kapuso.

  30. i dont think maghi-hit ito. di kc bankable si KC though maganda xa & matalino. di rin xa ganun kagaling umarte.

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