Angel Locsin is Set to Film ‘MMK the Movie’ Next with Bea Alonzo

After the success of her movie with Aga Muhlach "In the Name of Love," Angel Locsin preps up for another movie that will highlight her acting prowess.

“In the Name of Love” was a huge success. The Olivia Lamasan film which starred Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach was not only praised by the critics but it also made a killing at at the box-office.

The film was even listed in the Top 20 movies around the world with highest weekend gross as reported by the Associated Press. Take note that the list features international box-office grosses of all movies being shown around the world, hence the dominance of Hollywood movies. But being ranked no. 15 alongside the world’s mega movie productions is really something else.

Here’s the said list which was released last week (via Yahoo):

1. “Fast Five,” $44,464,276, 9,142 locations, 52 territories, $437,030,300, four weeks.

2. “Thor,” $24,299,795, 9,177 locations, 53 territories, $351,672,123, four weeks.

3. “Priest,” $15,537,120, 5,928 locations, 42 territories, $42,319,187, two weeks.

4. “Rio,” $11,446,722, 7,144 locations, 54 territories, $418,781,999, six weeks.

5. “Water For Elephants,” $9,952,838, 5,144 territories, 44 locations, $72,420,355, five weeks.

6. “Midnight In Paris,” $5,497,429, 676 locations, three territories, $6,486,812, one week.

7. “Source Code,” $4,655,971, 1,236 locations, 24 territories, $101,288,698, seven weeks.

8. “Sunny,” $4,238,124, NA locations, one territory, $12,370,699, two weeks.

9. “Black Swan,” $3,399,672, 399 locations, 13 territories, $299,089,022, 17 weeks.

10. “Something Borrowed,” $3,070,276, 3,368 locations, 12 territories, $35,408,484, two weeks.

11. “Scream 4,” $2,630,858, 1,820 locations, 29 territories, $91,621,281, five weeks.

12. “Peak -The Rescuers,” $2,367,471, locations not available, one territory, $8,907,190, two weeks.

13. “Unknown,” $2,342,180, 632 locations, 15 territories, $127,144,550, 11 weeks.

14. “Insidious,” $2,036,375, 1,113 locations, five territories, $66,409,258, seven weeks.

15. “In the Name of Love,” $1,917,443, 87 locations, one territory, $1,917,444, one week.

16. “Attack the Block,” $1,842,181, 352 locations, one territory, $1,842,182, one week.

17. “Hanna,” $1,809,074, 1,283 locations, three territories, $46,962,126, six weeks.

18. “Red,” $1,540,275, locations not available, one territory, $185,351,417, one week.

19. “Gantz Perfect Answer,” $1,483,104, 16 locations, two territories, $28,756,422, four weeks.

20. “Your Highness,” $1,441,901, 513 locations, nine territories, $26,141,546, nine weeks.

With everyone’s abuzz about Angel Locsin‘s performance in the movie, people are speculating this early that the young superstar might nab an acting award next year. And Angel’s next project is expected to highlight her acting prowess to the next level. It’s the second film adaptation of the award-winning drama anthology, “Maalaala Mo Kaya,” and her co-stars in the said film are Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo.

Last Thursday, Angel finished shooting “Lupang Hinirang” music video for ABS-CBN/TFC with Bea Alonzo and she tweeted that she’s already excited to work with the Kapamilya drama princess.

In line with the 20th anniversary of “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on television, MMK the Movie will bring another touching true to life story on the silver screen. Directing the second MMK film is Lauren Dyogi and it is scheduled to be released later this year.

Image courtesy of Star Cinema

19 Comments on Angel Locsin is Set to Film ‘MMK the Movie’ Next with Bea Alonzo

  1. Alano_manilyn // May 1, 2012 at 4:13 pm //


  2. iluvkapamilya // June 7, 2011 at 10:27 pm //

    In the Name of Love is really raking success. It already surpassed the 100 million mark in less than 3 weeks. this goes to show that Angel Locsin is already a seasoned and a primed actress on her generation. her acting prowess shines in star cinema. thanks star cinema for bringing out the best in Angel. i’m toally annoyed that Marian’s fans keeps comparing Angel to their idol. Angel and Bea is in the same league. Comparing Marian to Angel is like pushing Marian to be in the same league with Angel and Bea. That is actually an insult to Angel. GMA keeps investing millions to Marian just trying to create an illusion and influenced the public that Marian is already a bigger star than Angel or any of the Kapamilya star. Remember the showbiz cliche…you’re only good as your last movie. so tanong ko…magkano kinita ng Super Inday ni Marian against In the Name of Love ni Angel? 18 million againts over 100 million…di ba ang layo ng figure. that goes to show na hindi pa napasok ni Marian ang League ni Angel and Bea.

  3. gow lang ng gow idol angel wag ka magpapasindak sa mga kanguso at ni marian malandi bagay na bagay sa kanya ang amaya puno ng kalandian!!

  4. candy nyingcheng // May 27, 2011 at 1:50 pm //

    kapamilya kami…. ee mga kapuso mga nakakaantok nmn ung mga palabas nila ee…. baka kpg nacmulan na ung guns and roses… ilampaso ni ate bei ung marian na yan….

  5. milanie padilla // May 26, 2011 at 4:51 pm //

    Kapamilya vs kapuso,,to the highest level tlga ang kapamilya,,mga kapuso ang papangit ng mga acting nyo,,,kay idol angel pa lang sipa ang aabut kay elepanting marian,,oa umarting,,,miss angel go,,u made the ryt choice to move in abs,,abs cbn is the best,,,,

  6. movz dimz // May 26, 2011 at 2:50 pm //

    go angel…. its your time to shine…

  7. rjhay selda // May 25, 2011 at 7:14 pm //

    ..go idol..good job..
    ..ikaw n talaga ang nag iisang ANGEL LOCSIN..
    .. malau p mararting muh,, you idol..

  8. sooo proud of my idol Ms. Angel Locsin…I can’t believe nah ganun kalaki ang kita ng movie in just a week..whew..wala na akong masabi…ang gusto ko nalang makita ay ang manalo xa ng best actress award at mag number ulit sa FHM’s sexiest women of 2011…Go idol! GOD deserve all of these….

  9. Just my own opinion lang pouh…Angel vs. Marian??… I better choose angel kc she’s beautiful inside and out,she’s kind and generous, she’s humble and never ignore the value of her fans, she’s the best.. Angel is Angel and no one can take it from her. She has her own identity of being an actress…. Marian vs. Karylle?? I even choose karylle because lyk angel she valued her fans much,.. N0t lyk marian, sbi nga ng dj ng fm stati0n d2 sa amin na nameet nia na c marian at karylle in person at ang sbi nia c marian daw ay 220ng maganda at sexy pero n0t appr0achable pero c karylle hndi maxad0ng kagandahan pero lovable sa mga ta0ng lumalapit sa kanya….

  10. I don’t care pouh f patok o hndi ang amaya kc hndi naman kami nan0n0od ng kapuso, i just want 2 be honest pero ganun pouh talaga ei majority d2 sa amin kapamilya pinapan0od

  11. Hi ms. Angel ur the best pouh talaga… Buti nlang at lumipat ka sa abs kc nakilala kita b4 pouh kc hndi kita mapapan0od kc kapamilya netw0rk pinapan0od d2 sa amin sa mindanao kaya go0d decisi0n ang paglipat mo….

  12. angel locsin fan // May 24, 2011 at 10:03 pm //

    Basta maganda ang movie like ITNOL siguradong patok sa mga sinehan. I love angel at aga, ang husay nila.

  13. Mine of Water // May 24, 2011 at 9:49 pm //

    Given more good projects by Star Cinema and maybe, why not international film outfit, she will surely reach greater heights in her craft

  14. I do love angel locsin despite of fame shes remain humble and charitable. Shes a great actress if she given a good role no wonder she can bag a best actress award. Hoping that the network will give her an opportunity to show her more skills in acting that what she needs…

  15. Congratulations to ANGEL, AGA, Star Cinema and Olive Lamasan job well done. Super ganda saka the Best Tagalog movie i’ve seen for so long. GO Go Go…….I dont mind the haters…the ticket sales will make them shut their mouth hahahahaha… im sure the haters now have smoke in their nostrils right now….im sure di nila tanggap…well drop dead sa INGGIT!!!!

  16. Anonymous // May 24, 2011 at 12:34 pm //

    we love angel locsin

  17. Anonymous // May 24, 2011 at 12:28 pm //

    go angel locsin

  18. Anonymous // May 24, 2011 at 12:24 pm //

    go angel

  19. I do a quick scan on the comments and i see a lot of HATERS pero mas maraming LOVERS si Angel.. MARIAN FANS please sumuko na kayo kasi Excited na mga LANGAW para dumugin si AMAYA haha. Is that right?

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