Albie Casiño Vs. Andi Eigenmann on Formspring

Albie Casiño and Andi Eigenmann were involved in a "cyberwar" via the question-and-answer-based social website Formspring.

It all started when Saab Magalona, Andi’s friend, posted a blind item on Twitter:

“Thinking about a young actor who slapped my friend (his ex gf) makes me so angry. I hope his career goes nowhere!! >:(.”

A fan who thinks the tweet pertains to Albie Casiño asked the Mara Clara actor regarding the issue.

Below was Albie’s response:

“So much bullshit. I never hit her. Maybe one of her many boys did. Andi’s a cheater kasi she has maybe 10 guys. Ao yeah nope not me.”

And since Formspring is a Q&A type of social networking site, Albie was able to answer in some questions from his network revealing some details about his relationship with actress Andi Eigenmann:

what happened to you and Andie?

I treated her so badly towards the end of our relationship. I just wanted her to leave me. All she ever did was love me and I took it for granted. I never really cared abt it. Ask any of the people who know us, everyone would agree to this.

Would there ever be a chance na maging friends kau ulit ni Andi? 🙂

Maybe when hell freezes over hahaha

did you really physically hurt andie?

Nope my parents raised me never to hit anyone. Well ive gotten into fights so ive hit people but only if i really have to

Why doing that to Andi? If you’re a gentleman, you should’ve kept your mouth shut. Poor Andi. Never knew your that kind of guy. Tsk tsk.. Disappointed! 🙁

Wow yeah belive everything you hear that will get you places

You and andi were friends before! what happened? I saw pictures of you and andi in asap.

It all went south

The first time I knew you and Andi were together, i’ll already expect that it would not last. I’m sorry but I don’t see any chemistry for you both in real life :)) Julia would be better XD

wow man. we dated for 2 years home boy.

Do you still love Andie?

not one bit

hindi ba parang FOUL na yung mga words na binibitawan mo??…don’t you really care about andi’s feelings??..pre, babae yun…give her some respects…

respects? dude just dont but in man, its none of your business

so what we’re gonna expect is that you and andi will never be friends ever again? i’m so sorry 🙁

its cool. your never really friends with an ex after a relationship

Then Andi Eigenmann strikes back by tweeting her thoughts:

“That’s it. I don’t care who people believes but it has gone way overboard. Check out albie’s formspring (albiewhoshedid)< — “Question is why he had to have the reason to answer that question. So maybe it was him. Why would my friend, someone who just cares… “Go about and tweet something out of disappointment if it were a lie. “The issue is not what he’s done but how he’s trying to ruin my life and let him be wo defending myself. All I ver did for 2yrs was sty by hm “Make sure he’s happy and he doesn’t get hurt. Cus I care. A lot. And why do I get this inn return? No one knows. “I don’t do this out of pity. Heck I even told myself not to stoop down to his level cus there’s no need. At least I know the truth. “But I think it has gone overboard. This guy knows me and knows the truth, yet has the guts to say such lies to save himself from NO danger “Noone could ever imagine how badly I’ve been hurt, but did anyone ever hear anything from me? No. Cus I care for him and I love him and “Amidst what he’s done, I’d always wish the best for him. Another question is, so why wont he just stop and let me be? “To the readers, he made himself hate me and did everything he can for me to stay out of his life. “When all I ever did was love him as much as I could. “What did I ever do to deserve this? “To the judgmental ones, I don’t need your replies. Haters, I got enough of you already, built by my everbeloved ex. I don’t need more of it “I believe I have enough class to not stoop down to his level and actually do such a thing as this. But for once, I just need to defend myslf “And to people who’s heard stories, rumors, issues, before u spread, make sure they’re true. “To his fans, I know there are a lot, don’t mind this if you can’t believe it. Its nt an intention to take u against him at all. Thanks “I know ill regret doing this cus I’m not the kind of person, but what’s done is done. “again, people, don’t say things unless you’re sure its true! If u dnt know anything, dnt say anything. Thanks “I’m using twitter not for fans to dwell on, dont worry. Its to get help on getting facts straight.

28 Comments on Albie Casiño Vs. Andi Eigenmann on Formspring

  1. No.
    albie is right in here.
    because if andie was true why she never gives albie dna test?
    Although if andi gives his dna test ..albi said that he will merry andi …
    would you merry with girl who pregnants of other??
    The answer albie is good guy

  2. Andi is right…..because she is doing the best she can and I know because I’ve read all of her magazines and I almost understand her life…..And I collect all the CDs,magazines, and everything of her ….. I searched her Yahoom. Facebook and all…..

  3. si andi lang daw ang may gawa ng formspring ni albie. nabasa ko lang.

  4. sense_and_sensibility // May 26, 2011 at 8:48 am //

    always 2 sides of a story…. but one thing for sure, on albie’s bday, couple of days after all these tweets came out, andi gave albie a really nice gift… so just a thought, if a guy is really hitting you and you feel he’s disrespecting you, why the hell are you still going to give him a gift on his bday??? it doesn’t make any sense! will only make sense if andi’s lying…

  5. siguro nga may mga ginagawa si albie na dissapointing sa mga viewers niya pero diba tao lang din naman xa at higit sa lahat teenager..ung mga pinapakita nya hindi na bago yan pinapalaki lang naman kasi sikat xa.hindi naman natin xa kilala so wag natin xa ijugde kasi what we see are just part of his personality.
    >to albie.your fans will always support you no matter what because your not hiding behind any express how you feel.

  6. katelalaine // May 24, 2011 at 12:21 pm //

    hnd nman tlaga cheater c andi pag ckat ka cnicraan ka tlaga

  7. juliusallen // May 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm //

    hay nko pag ckat ka nman

  8. hay nku..bitchy tlga yng albie n yn

  9. 100%albienaticfan // May 22, 2011 at 7:43 am //

    …echoooozzzzzz!..c andi naman!..haha..
    .atleast nagpakatotoo c albie hindi nagpaawa!…mga PR!..
    …bitchy nga ugali ni Albie atleast hindi xa naging plastic tzaka paawa!..
    ….hay naku ung hindi kasi totoo TUMAHIMIK na lang..hindi ung magdedefend ng sarili eh binabalik din naman ung mga binabato sa kanya!..tsk..tsk..tsk!..
    …sana nga cna KATHRYN and ALBIE na lang para mas magcli-click kxe may chemistry!..
    KATHBIE na lang wag nang ALDI…

  10. SARDINAS, NOODLES GALING KAY GOZON // May 19, 2011 at 11:44 pm //

    hindi pa man sumisikat ang 2 to lumabas na ang mga tunay na ugali…. hindi sila magtatagal sa industriya…. bigla ko tuloy naalala si aj at ang kanyang kabaitan…. sayang….

  11. Anonymous // May 19, 2011 at 9:07 pm //

    Albie?cnu un?rising star bka dpa mgtgal career!

  12. kapusong tunay // May 19, 2011 at 1:59 pm //

    if GMA artist ang involved dito, for sure mabilis pa sa isang segundo ang mga banat ng die hard fans ng abs

  13. they’re still too young to handle matters inshort they need to grow up specially albie.he needs to tame his tongue and learn how to be a gentleman. too bad, he’s so cute and a lot of teeners go for him. looks doesnt matter and what matters most is a good heart.

  14. fudgie47 // May 19, 2011 at 11:06 am //

    hmm… weird… mas magaling mag english si Albie… 😉

  15. Marian Busalgera // May 19, 2011 at 7:51 am //

    wag nyo ipagtanggol tung mokong na’to. di siya dapat mag artista kung ipapalandakan niya kanyang pag inum at paninigarilyo! artista siya at may responsibilidad siya kanyang mga tagahanga, especially mga bata.
    sina Rico Yan, JOhn Lloyd, Mark Herras, at iba pa nakita ko nang naninigarilyo pero di nila ipinagmamalaki yun na may pa picture2x pa. tsaka, menor de edad tung pa-cool na batang ‘to. kala mo kung sinong sikat at “imba”! bastus!
    di siya dapat ipagtanggol!

  16. this is so immature. this is not gonna alleviate the economic pangs our nation is going through. enough of this already.

  17. Nuong pumasok sa PBB si Andie sabi ng mama niya pasaway daw yan… tapos ngayon kunwari wholesome na hehe

  18. ..that’s what you got….flirt ka kasi!!!

  19. Anonymous // May 18, 2011 at 9:02 pm //

    ano kaya kapag inaway si albie nina Anevil Rama, Willie, Shrek Fermented, Osang, Alfie L.,Aljur,Retsard,Baron at iba pa.. siyempre papatol si albie kapag ganyan lalo na kapag si Anabil Rama ang nakaaway niya

  20. Anonymous // May 18, 2011 at 9:01 pm //

    may pagka bitchy ang ugali ni Albie pero at least nagpapakatotoo sya parang sina tetay, osang, angelica p.,at iba pa.

  21. Anonymous // May 18, 2011 at 6:37 pm //


  22. @ Champ oo nga, May pa star magic din sila na hindi naman mga stars. Puro mga da who ang mga kapukpok.

  23. si kikay painosenting hnd alam sina agua at xtian!!!! mas da hu ang mga kapuso, need pa ng name tag pra mkilala!!!!kuha mo?

  24. hellYEAH // May 18, 2011 at 3:45 pm //


  25. TFC-KUWAIT // May 18, 2011 at 2:09 pm //


  26. mga chakang da who! Parang kapamilyucks lang!

  27. Nice. From the very start. Head over heels itong si Andi kay Albie.. kahit sa mga mall shows ng mara clara buntot si andi kay albie to the max…kahit nga sa asap rocks sa davao,iloilo and cebu si andi and albie laging magkasama… mabuti nga at natauhan na yung lalake.. hindi na healthy relationship nila..tsk

  28. OMG! :O

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