Lauren Alaina – ‘Anyway’ and ‘Trouble’ – American Idol Top 4

Lauren Alaina sings "Anyway" and "Trouble" on American Idol Top 4 performance night.

First Song – “Anyway”:

Randy Jackson said “Last week I was worried but Lauren is back. Lauren is in it to win it. That was hot. There was nothing wrong with that performance.”

Steven Tyler said “You did it again. You broke my heart. That was the most beautiful thing. I am in love with the buckles on your shoes.”

Jennifer Lopez said “That was very good. I am so proud of you. You are listening to us help you get to the final. That was exactly what you have to do. It was a great vocal performance.”

Second Song – “Trouble”:

Randy Jackson said “We saw a fun side to you. I actually really enjoyed it.”

Steven Tyler said “That was well done and I just love you.”

Jennifer Lopez said “It was mature and really really good. It was a serious, good performance. I really loved it.”

Watch Lauren Alaina‘s Top 4 performances here:

2 Comments on Lauren Alaina – ‘Anyway’ and ‘Trouble’ – American Idol Top 4

  1. I love her song “Anyway”.. bagay sa kanya..

  2. Galing talaga ni Lauren.. I really hope she wins.. Like her!..

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