Haley Reinhart – ‘Earth Song’ & ‘I Who Have Nothing’ – American Idol Top 4

Haley Reinhart sings "Earth Song" and "I Who Have Nothing" on American Idol Top 4 performance night.

First Song – “Earth Song”:

Randy Jackson said “It confused me with who you are as an artist. It felt like you were screaming at the end. Its just not your vibe. The song needed you to deliver it.”

Steven Tyler said “They are both wrong Haley. That song showed me that you can. It wasn’t a hit but you sang it.”

Jennifer Lopez said “It did inspire you. I could fee the feeling in the song. But think about what you are choosing.”

Second Song – “I Who Have Nothing”:

Randy Jackson said “You came back. You just had a moment which put you in it to win it. One of your best vocals ever.”

Steven Tyler said “That was beautiful.”

Jennifer Lopez said “This is why we can’t take it easy. Look what you are capable of. That was amazing.”

Watch Haley Reinhart‘s Top 4 performances here:

8 Comments on Haley Reinhart – ‘Earth Song’ & ‘I Who Have Nothing’ – American Idol Top 4

  1. idolfan // May 13, 2011 at 8:10 pm //

    james and lauren: yah u8r ryt!!for me jordin version is much better dan haley’s version bcoz 4 me haley is olwayz shouting and screaming unlike jordin, the feelings is their. And its natural belting voice even if not screaming…and i like it so much,.

  2. Haley’s got the best vocals. effortless! and nope, she’s not yet eliminated! James Durbin is out! hahaha

  3. ang chaka! parang kapamilyucks lang!

  4. bet ko sina lauren at haley…

  5. Tamah haley is the Best!!!
    my feeling lang ako na sya matatangal bukas kasi na naman tong ambisyong negro na si randy lage sya binabara,..

    Pero alam ko naman after idol magkaka.album sya at bibili ako kung sakali man…

    haley FTW pa din!!!

  6. Haley Reinhart // May 12, 2011 at 8:53 pm //

    ANONG JORDIN’s version is better?? Hung-hang kaba???? Panoorin mo nga ng sabay…. napaka liwanag na maganda ang rendition ni Haley…. ambisyosa!!!

  7. James & Lauren FTW // May 12, 2011 at 8:23 pm //

    Jordin’s Version is better

  8. HALEY FTW!!

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