Blessed John Paul II Shrine Unveiled in Bataan Technology Park

A memorial shrine of the Blessed John Paull II was inaugurated at the Bataan Technology Park (BTP) in Morong. Thousands of devotees flocked the venue which used to be a refugee center for Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians who escaped conflict in their countries during the late 70s.

It was said that the Blessed John Paul II uplifted the refugees’ spirit when he visited this place during his first trip to the country in 1981 although the “boat people” have no idea who he was.

The life-size image of the Blessed John Paul II was unveiled on the shrine last Sunday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his first visit in the Philippines and to celebrate his beatification as well.

3 Comments on Blessed John Paul II Shrine Unveiled in Bataan Technology Park

  1. hay! ang mga born again talaga mga self righteous.

  2. Idolaters talaga mga Pilipino pati patay na tao gustong sambahin. Sa Diyos kayo dapat sumamba huwag sa mga patay na tao.

  3. The Catholics believe that there is God. They believe that Jesus is the Son of God and God Himself – all powerful and all knowing… but they do not really know how it is to believe in God the way God wants people to believe in Him. They do a lot of things to honor dead “saints(?)” but they do not know what God really desires from man to do… One of Jesus’ followers once ask Him, “What must I do to do the works of God? Jesus responded, “believe, trust, have faith in the One Whom He has sent…” My question to every Catholics: Here is the scenarion, Jesus seated on one side of the of a big football stadium, on the other side filled to the rafters all the dead “saints(?)”… you are in a difficult situation, Whom will you call to interceede for you before God, Jesus or the dead “saints(?)” Please read the Bible… All that God wants to all of us sinners is for us to recognize God as our Father who is willing to embrace us as a loving Father. The only way we can do that is to understand in your spirit John 14:6 where Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, NO ONE CAN COME TO THE FATHER but through ME. This is not a matter of what and how you want to reach God… It is God Who tells us how and why He wants us to respond. It is His call not us. He gave us the Bible so we can know Him and His will. The will of God is the written word of God. Please be open minded and seek the truth.. when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. The Word of God is the will of God and is the truth of God.

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